An 18th-century simple rustic farmhouse situated in a shallow mountainous valley of olive groves, and surrounded by 54 hectares of olive and almond orchards, vineyards and pine forest. We’re a working family farm, trying to restore, revitalise and optimise our centuries-old farmland by using “modern” organic gardening techniques. We’d love to share this with you — our land, our home, the clean air, our quiet peaceful way of living — all with comfort and a sense of whimsical adventure.

We’re modern day homesteaders, pioneering in deep Spain, which has now become our beloved home and way of life. We’re living a sustainable, regenerative, and as close to off-grid lifestyle as possible. Respecting and honouring the earth, mother nature, and the rhythms of nature, trying to do our part in the face of ongoing climate change.

The Place

Hidden deep in the Spanish mountains in a region called the Matarraña (often referred to as the Tuscany of Spain), our 18th-century stone farmhouse and glamping area offers you a cozy retreat to rest and re-energize both your body and mind by simply reconnecting with nature. You’ll be surrounded by nature: Olive grove-lined terraces that both ascend up into the surrounding pine forest, and tumble down into fields of alfalfa and more olive trees. Walk beyond the olive groves, and you’ll reach almond orchards and vineyards — Garnacha, Moscatel, Cabernet Sauvignon. Sleep under a million stars and wake surrounded by nature.

Stay With Us

In our home, you’ll sleep within old stone walls, surrounded by refurbished vintage Spanish furniture and have views over the farm and countryside. You’ll breathe in clean, clear air and wake up gently to the sounds of the birds and the hum of the forest.

In the grounds surrounding the Farmhouse you can take a siesta or read a book or just listen to nature in one of our beautiful Belle Tents. Resting your head under the stars surrounding by the peaceful night sky.

The Area

Discover Matarraña, the ‘Tuscany of Spain’

Matarraña is full of quaint, hilltop villages where you can wander around the centuries-old cobblestone streets, rest your feet at an outdoor cafe and taste the delicious local tapas.


Many of us have lost touch with the subtleties and sublime beauty of simple nature. Taking the time to really listen to all the sounds of the countryside. Unplug, relax and feel nature. 


Cycle along old railroad lines; walk in the forest; visit nearby villages; dip into the clear rivers; horse ride; look out over the majestic Els Ports mountain range or do nothing at all, the choice is up to you.


Green and black olives from our farm; hand-cut crispy potatoes with homemade aioli; freshly plucked sautéed kale and Swiss chard; Teruel jamón; freshly baked bread — pick up some nibbles for a picnic or enjoy a meal in one of the local restaurants.

Our Homestead Blog

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