In our house, you’ll sleep within old stone walls — built stone by stone — you’ll breathe in the clean, clear air and wake up gently to the sounds of the birds and the hum of the forest.


What in the world is Glamping?

Glamping is a cross between the words “camping” and “glamour.” In other words, glamping is an extremely comfortable, stress-free way to camp. We offer already mounted beautiful Lotus Belle tents — 5 meters of head space with proper double beds and luxurious linens. Glamping is a whimsical way to spend the night under the stars, surrounded by olive trees, sky and nothing more.


In our farmhouse home, we have five en-suite bedrooms, decorated with refurbished vintage Spanish furniture and all rooms have views over the farm. We have three double rooms and two larger rooms that can sleep four comfortably.

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Our Rooms

Double Rooms

On the second floor of our house, we have three rooms, each with a full-sized bed and en-suite bathroom, all with beautiful views over the farm and the olive orchards.

Family Rooms

On the ground floor of our house, we offer two family rooms that sleep up to four people, with double bed and two single beds, both rooms with stunning views over the olive orchard valley.

Bell Tents

In the midst of our olive orchards, you can sleep under the stars in one of our four amazing Lotus Belle Tents — 5m spaces with lots of head room, and full beds with luxurious linens.

We’re looking forward to your visit. Get in touch with us for enquiries, bookings and info.

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